On May 4th, 2020, I was trying to focus on my to-do-list for the day while desperately trying not to think about the Google Summer of Code result. Remembering how the last two times I applied, and it didn’t go down well, it unnerved me a little; preparing me better for this year’s results.

On one hand, I was frantically refreshing the page, and on the other, I was also exploring something new to pursue and deviate my attention. Calming my breath and taking one step at a time, I let the feeling sink that this year is my last chance to apply for it. And trust me when I say I really wanted to work on this project with my mentor!

Somewhere around 11:35 PM, about 5 minutes after the result was announced, I decided to refresh the page and see what my fate had in store for me. Feeling exhilarated, I also noticed a tinge of nervousness in my heartbeat. This inner wiring in me completely bewildered, telling me how there is a chance you won’t get in, but the subconscious was also glad that I tried and tried relentlessly. I braced myself for the result… eyeing the webpage. And I see something that I am not prepared for.

I see my project is listed! No, it isn’t possible, really? -- I hit the refresh button again, and the project was still there. And in that moment, I just knew the summer of 2020 is going to be all about open-source!

My project is lined up with nteract, an open-source organisation responsible for some of the coolest and most used tools in data science such as Hydrogen, papermill, nteract Desktop. It is also fiscally sponsored by NumFOCUS. The objective of my work will be to further help in introducing reproducible computing to nteract play. From my 2 months of experience of working with the nteract community, I think there are so many talented people involved with the projects. I absolutely love this community.

Even though I was looking forward to cracking the opportunity for a lot of reasons but mainly because of the mentorship provided at GSoC. I have a tendency to value any advice I get, it means something to me. I was feeling just a wee bit proud and enthralled because well, I get to work under the leadership of @captiansafia, my mentor. She looks after the organisation and maintains the nteract ecosystem along with working at Microsoft.

You know I’ll suggest something! -- You can come on my journey with me and stay updated with my work in GSoC, just follow me on Twitter @ramantehlan, or you are always welcome to come back here! As a part of my work, from June 1st till August 31st, I will write weekly or biweekly blog posts about my progress. I will link all my related posts for you all to read right here! Go on, brace yourself for some more as you scroll!