The 2nd evaluation of GSoC is complete, and I have passed it (Yay!). I had less time than usual in my 2nd phase/month to work because I had to give my university exams from 1st July till 15th July. I was able to wrap up the FileExplorer component and complete the Github integration by making the save feature work.


Initially, I was going to use the component created for nteract Desktop. But after considering the efforts required to make that component work with nteract web, creating a new component from scratch seemed like a better option. So, below is the FileExplorer component, used to load files and folders from Github repo.

Saving back to Github.

Once you make your changes to files, you can save your changes back to Github. The logic of Github integration was discussed in the first report.

3rd phase

August is the 3rd or the last phase of the GSoC period. So this month I will be working on the binder and nteract integration. Also, all the minor features will be added, like the introduction section, or dynamic routing etc.